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The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supersessionism

New Revised and Expanded Edition (King’s Divinity Press, 2013)

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Paperback (380 pages)

This book explores the relationship between the Jewish people, the Church and Israel, from biblical times to the present and challenges the New Supersessionism that has emerged in today’s Church.

Its fifteen essays from contributors with considerable expertise and published work in the field provide readers with a careful and objective examination of the issue from various perspectives.

This volume is available at a time when the debate surrounding the relationship between the Church and Israel raging within Evangelicalism is increasingly polemical and polarised.


Introduction: A New Supersessionism?
1. The Real Roots of Supersessionism
2. Parting of the Ways: Jewish-Christian Relations in the Postapostolic Period
3. The Denouement of Triumphalist Supersessionism: European Churches and the Holocaust
4. Jealous for Zion: Evangelicals, Zionism and the Restoration of Israel
5. Who is the Israel of Romans 11:26? 
6. The NT and Supersessionism
7. Biblical Theology, Israel and the Alien 
8. Apostolic Jewish-Christian Hermeneutics and Supersessionism 
9. A Calvinist Considers Israel’s Right to the Land 
10. Jewish Believers in Jesus and Supersessionism
11. Supersessionism, Messianic Jews and the Jewish Community
12. Is the Gospel Relevant to the Jewish People?
13. Faith and Politics in Today’s Holy Land
14. Israel and the Continued Purposes of God

Endorsements and Testimonials

Darrell L. Bock, PhD
Research Professor of New Testament Studies Dallas Theological Seminary

In a day when the merit of the role of Israel is being questioned by many, including many Christians, it is refreshing to see a biblically grounded presentation of God’s faithfulness to Israel that affirms the gospel for the Jewish people and the idea that God will keep his promises to Israel. How do these go together? This book takes us well down the path to a theologically sound answer.

(First Edition)

Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., PhD
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

A large portion of the word of God in the Old Testament is being misinterpreted or deliberately avoided by those who have adopted the teaching that the Christian Church has replaced Israel and that the ancient promises made by God to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David are now passé. However, Calvin L. Smith has edited a set of chapters in a new book that makes a vital contribution towards rectifying this imbalance in interpretation. May it spark a long-overdue discussion among Evangelical interpreters of all persuasions as well as one between Jewish people of the book and believers in the Christian Church.

(First Edition)

Dr Mitch Glaser
President, Chosen People Ministries, New York

A book of this quality, character and courage has been needed for decades! I want to congratulate Dr Calvin Smith of King’s Evangelical Divinity School for engaging in this highly charged and controversial study focusing on God’s plan for the Jewish people, the nation of Israel and the Arab world.

I further applaud the project for taking the very critical next step of helping to provide a matrix for understanding the relationship between the Western Church and the Christian, Messianic and Muslim communities of the East.

(First Edition)

Michael J. Vlach, PhD
The Master’s Seminary

The unbiblical doctrine that the church replaces the nation Israel in the plan of God must be challenged with the light of God’s word. This work, written by an impressive international cast, continues the case against supersessionism and does so in a clear and compelling way.

(Second Edition)

Ron Diprose, PhD
Academic Dean, Istituto Biblico Evangelico Italiano, Rome

The contributors to this book exhibit the kind of scholarly balance necessary for moving the debate concerning modern Israel from the practice of firing shots from opposing trenches to a careful examination of the facts in the light of Biblical Revelation. As to the importance of their contributions, the declared ideological motivations of groups like Hamas, who vow to put an end to Israel as a sovereign state, mean that the question of modern Israel’s existence must be approached in essentially theological terms.

First Edition. Dr Diprose contributed a chapter to the second edition.

Revd David Torrance
Retired Church of Scotland minister and author of Israel God’s Servant

The articles in this book, written by scholars who vary in their theological stance, are balanced and profound. They seek to answer biblically some of the oldest heresies in the Church, which sadly are advocated by many Evangelicals today, namely that all the promises to Israel have been transferred to the Church and that Israel has ceased to be within God’s purpose for world redemption. I warmly commend this book and pray that it will be widely read.

(First Edition)

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